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    Hai All

    Here i would like to introduced myself but not much , i am prabu from india
    i have 5 year experience in Easylanguage programming ,Taking performance report, Data handling etc, where i used Tradestation platform for my backtesting. drop here to promote my business through the network, and searcing for a people those who are all willing to near and share..

    pls consider me as your friend and drop me with your easy language problem

    (Beginer can succeed the trading , because his mind coincide with the market without
    any confusion).

  2. Hi prabu, if you are from india, then you are my friend. I have some experience with Tradestation Easylanguage as well but do not currently lease the software. I am curious about a couple of set-ups, how they will perform. I am interested in what kind of statistics Tradestation can generate for these ideas. These are fairly simple concepts and should be very easy for someone with your experience. Would you mind popping them into your system to see how they backtest? Would you like to do this through PM?
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    i have 4 year experience in Easylanguage programming, developing automated trading algorithms for DAX and US market. So now I am interested in indian market. looking Easylanguage programmers based in India...:)
  4. Hello,
    Thanks for opening this thread but it seems that it did not get much continuation.
    Anyway, in desperate search for a problem I am trying to solve with easy language, I post it here.

    The problem is I want to display a text on the screen using text_new. However, I need to keep updating the text. To update the text I use text_delete(after checking for the existence of text), then delete the text using text_delete and finally rewrite it by text_new.
    The problem is sometimes that text_delete fails and from that point on any text operation fails.
    Any thoughts?

  5. i need a programmer for some systems. Paid work.
  6. dratsum


    You shouldn't be deleting and recreating text because (besides causing errors when you try to delete text that's not there) it's an expensive calculation. Use a variant of the template below to declare the text once and then update the string and location as needed.

    var: id(0);
    once id=text_new(d,t,c,"hello");
    if lastbaronchart then begin
    If circumstances demand deleting text because it needs to go away before it comes back again then it's imperative you keep an accurate index of what text exists and what has already been deleted.
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    You will be further ahead if you ask questions and get help with the parts you need rather than paying someone. If you have proprietary ideas then befriend someone willing to help you privately or learn to translate the portions you need help with into generic situations. IOW learn to ask questions without revealing what you're really doing.
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    Murray Ruggiero Vendor

    I am real surprise myself that this thread is not more active. I would not mind posting some answers either if people have questions.