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Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by AllenW, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. AllenW


    I'm testing a Breakout system on 30 min. bars and trying to incorporate a Trailing $Stop.

    My problem is when the Stop is elected the program immediately reinitiates the trade at the Stop price or Open. Am I missing or not understanding something?? Allen

    Input: Sig(2), RangeBegin(0830), DayClose(1630), TR(500);
    Vars: Hi(0), Lo(99999), LS(0), SS(0);
    If time = RangeBegin then begin
    Hi = 0;
    Lo = 99999;
    If time = RangeBegin then begin
    Hi = High;
    Lo = Low;
    LS = Hi + Sig; SS = Lo - Sig;
    If time >= RangeBegin and time < DayClose then begin
    Buy at LS point Stop;
    Sell at SS point Stop;
    SetStopPosition; SetDollarTrailing(TR);
    If Time = DayClose and Marketposition <> 0 then begin
    ExitLong this bar on Close;
    ExitShort this bar on Close;
  2. balda


    If someone could code this:

    Buy at highest high of last 6 bars.
    Sell at lowest low of last 6 bars.

    Exit long at lowest low of last 4 bars.
    Exit short at highest high of last 4 bars.

    I'd really appreciate it.

    thank you,

  3. AllenW.. it looks like you probably need to use a Flag(s).

    maybe add: flag(0); to variable declarations at the beginning.

    then initiate it in the code:

    then on the buy condition check that flag<1 and if it is, then set flag=1; then buy order.

    then on the short condition check that flag>-1 and if it is, then set flag=-1; then sell order.


    or something similar may work.

  4. I would try to use the lowest(low,4) and highest(high,4) functions.
  5. Here is your system. You can test on EOD data on one symbol or you can also test it on a portfolio on the same web site. To test it on ID data you would need the desktop software. http://www.wealth-lab.com/cgi-bin/WealthLab.DLL/editsystem?id=24550 Just key in a symbol. Created with drag and drop.
  6. Boy I am having difficulties to read the EL code. Is this a 30 minute break out system?
  7. mmillar


    Use the 'EntriesToday(date)' function to limit the number of trades you do in a day.
  8. AllenW


    Thank you for the Flag suggestion--I'll try it this afternoon.

    Sorry if my coding doesn't flow-------just getting my feet wet with this programming stuff.

    and yes, I have already tried the EntriesToday function and it didn't correct the problem.

  9. Asking again is it the 30 minute breakout system?
  10. Input: Entrybars(6), Exitbars(4);
    var: LE(0), LX(0), SE(0), SX(0);

    le = highest(high, entrybars);
    se = lowest(low, entrybars);
    lx = lowest(low, exitbars);
    sx = highest(high, exitbars);

    buy next bar at le stop;
    sell short next bar at se stop;

    sell next bar at lx stop;
    buy to cover next bar at sx stop;

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