Easy Language Boot Camp

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  1. Was considering purchasing this book and was wondering if anyone has already read it? If so, what were your thoughts on it and would you recommend it?

  2. I have the book, EL boot camp changed name from "becoming
    fluent in easylanguage" from papar back to hard cover book
    with exact same content


    Tradestation had to do these, so they can rise the price from
    $59 to $99 :p

    I was already familiar with Easylanguage, so it took me
    few days to read it only, the book has little more deciplinary
    approach to teaching than other online materials with
    examples then exercises
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    Does anyone know if there is a torrent/download available for easylanguage bootcamp or similar?
  4. there is something like a 400 page easy language
    learning book in pdf format on the net somewhere
    its very complete and for free but i cant remeber the url
    anymore sorry
    ill search and post it if i had any luck finding it
  5. sdev4321


    Thanks, flyingdutchmen.
  6. i use the help file in tradestation

    just go to search, type in the function name and it shows you how to implement it.
  7. WD40


    there are lots of free tutorials on the web.
    have you googled?
  8. try googling:
    easy language tutorial pdf

    you'll be amazed by the tons of free material on the web, dont waste your money on something you get for free
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