Easy Genesis GTP/FIX question

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by promagma, Mar 30, 2007.

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    If anyone has experience with this.... when auto trading with GTP or FIX, can you log into the same account with Laser with and view your open positions, limit orders flying around, do some manual trading etc?

    I think the C++ API launches and controls a Laser window, so you can see all that stuff.

    Trying to decide the way forward ..... GTP, FIX, or C++ API.
  2. nope, but you can get a second user id to work in lasser that will allow you access to the API ID.
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    You mean access to your buying power, for manual trading? :confused:
  4. With GTP, yes you can. No idea about FIX or C++...
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    Thanks giggollo
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    Turns out with FIX and the API, yes you can. You need Genesis to setup a second user ID tied to your account like dafugginman said.
  7. Haven't used Genesis, but getting an alternative ID will do.

    Can have potential problems, though. For example:

    Let's say you have a limit order that you placed via FIX. You alternate the FIX generated limit order on the broker's proprietary platform manually. A well thought out broker's system will send a message to your FIX engine that you have cancelled the order. Some brokers don't, they can have 2 different servers monitoring working/pending orders.

    Just watch out and ask questions to Genesis' IT.