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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Brosh J., May 13, 2003.

  1. Brosh J.

    Brosh J.

    Can anyone recommend a practical solution for chart printing?

    I want to print out charts that are about 8 1/2" by 24". Some printers can print banner paper that i believe will meet my needs (does anyone know this for certain?) Can you recommend a printer?

    How do you guys & gals print your charts? Can you avoid printing the background to save ink costs? How about printing in greyscale only?

    In other words, HELP! :)


    Brosh J.
  2. Brosh J.

    Brosh J.

    Just bumping this ...

    Still looking for a printing solution..

    If you have one...

    Please let me know.

    Thanks. :)

    Brosh J.
  3. Easy solution,

    Go to the main website pages of all the major brands...Epson, Hewlett Packard, Ricoh, Canon and so on...

    use their 1-800 numbers...give them a quick call...

    ask them the same question...

    they'll provide you with several model numbers that can do that type of printing (banner style printing)...

    take that info...go to google search engine...


    Type in that brand name and model number and do a search on it...

    you'll find tons of research info, complaints, recommendations at many different computer places that sells that and allow customers to post opinions about it...

    you may also find any info about awards and such.

    Very useful research and you'll learn a lot about any products your about to purchase.

    It's how I buy any computer, electronic or digital product.

    Also...what charting program are you using?

    Had you posted that...those using the same program can tell you how to use the print feature.

    Even better...call the tech department of your charting program and ask them.

    Yes...most charting programs (depends on what your using) can print white background or whatever grey scale you want.

    The main trick is this...change your background color to a lighter color and then print.

    In other words...don't have a black background and expect your printer (cheap ones) to magically change that background color for you while in the middle of the printing process.

    Thus, you need to change your background color to white or something near to that to save on ink or to keep your paper from looking like its been soaked in water.

  4. McCloud


    Brosh J,

    Ensign software has some cool features designed for printing charts. It automatically converts the colors so they are printable..

    It maybe worth looking into if you are going to print charts on a regular basis....fwiw

  5. ******

    HPQ prints fine,they are the leader.

    I figured it that way also, white printed chart background saves ink.Grey background is more visible on my screen for trading.

    I rewrite support and resistance numbers + channels on my printed candlecharts on regular size paper-it's amazing how many people that mail me only use one side of the paper.

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