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  1. Hi,

    This is my first thread. I am looking for information on prop trading firms based in Eastern Europe. Are there many out there?

    I am particularly interested in nations such as:

    Czech Rep.

    I would really appreciate any help that you may have.

  2. OSTC are the only eastern europe prop I've heard of, in Poland.

    Cyprus isnt really Eastern Europe! There used to be a prop there called STCM but their website is no longer functional so I have no idea if they are still in business:
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    These seem to be the only prop desks I can find in any of these countries though.

    I would have thought cities as big as Budapest, Zagreb, Prague, Moscow etc would have some, but I cannot find any mention of them.

    Does anyone know of any others?
  4. I think the problem in the east in general is the horrendously cumbersome red tape regulatory system. These places are just not especially geared up to support a smaller financial enterprise like a prop firm.

    For example, in Latvia there is no application fee to register with the Regulator, but you need a massive lump of regulatory capital amounting into the hundreds of thousands, and specialist legal advisors because the regulatory laws are so vague they can be interpreted many different ways.

    Eurex has been pushing some very tasty exchange fee holiday incentives for firms setting up in the east, but there havent been any takers.

    Its just not an attractive region for anyone considering setting up a prop firm!
  5. Are you latvian? I happen to live there and trade full time, but are norwegian.
  6. In general though, finding a list of prop firms in any of these areas is proving difficult. Most lists have the English and American firms, along with a few Western European ones and that is it.

    Do you know if there are any prop firms in Latvia?
  7. No, I haven't found anyone in Latvia. Very few who trade here.
  8. Thanks anyway. Do you know anything about what any of the other countries I mentioned are like for trading?
  9. There is no list of prop firms in these regions because there are no firms!
  10. No. But in general I think these former soviet countries should be great for young traders. Cheap to live and very low taxes (15% in Latvia).

    I'm not really young anymore, but married here :)
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