Easter Message of Renewal (from my Blog)

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  1. Happy Easter everybody.....

    "Christians believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. I’d gladly go along with this if they agreed that all men are divine. The Hindu greeting of palms pressed together, the Namaste is very close to my heart. It is significant as it is the symbol of man’s divinity and the true, Transcendental nature of god."

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    That's very nice dear, now go and play out in the real world before you get too silly

    Happy Easter.
  3. Understand god first, it is not like a person. Of course most people cannot form an abstract thought and they an only feebly imagine god like an old man or some other entity. IT IS NOT! Faster you understand that closer you will get to the Truth.....
  4. You're simply "Casting Pearls before the Swine"
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    Yes ok, that's a bit patronizing of you. We know. God is not real . It is abstract, a concept an idea and a notion. Fine.
    Well now, guess what, most people form concepts. Oh and I have one of something far more God like than God. How feeble is it going to be of you not to be able to form a concept of that?

    You're going to need find some pearls jacklafitte-dude before you stand any chance of casting them anywhere. Conceptual ones or not.
  6. I know that's the curse of the "job", stu guy is on the ignore list.....
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    Ah The Ignore concept. How very enlightened you are going to be just ignoring real world questions.