Easter Approaches

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  1. And at this time of year, there are a couple of questions to ask in reflection...

    1) Do you consider yourself a believer in Jesus Christ and/or his ways? (If "No", then it is all irrelevant).

    If "Yes"
    2) Do you behave like a Christian? (generally speaking)
    3) Do you have an answer to "Why was Jesus crucified?" ("To save us from our sins" is a bland, unacceptable answer.)
  2. 1) yes,
    2) What's that supposed to mean?
    3) yes

  3. uhhh, about that behavior part...

  4. But you are gay, by definition you cannot be Christian.
  5. Wallet


    1. Yes.

    2. If the question is do I behave like Jesus Christ, i.e. Christlike, Christian.... I try, but I fail. Which is the crux of Christianity, no one can or is good enough.

    3. Because He wanted too.
  6. 1)Is that meant to piss me off or are you trying to be as stupid as possible again?

    2) What's the definition of a Christian and who's making that judgement?
  7. Yes you can. You just can't have gay sex.
  8. Wallet


    God's word the Bible condemns homosexuality, I don't judge anybody
  9. See the posts above mine. You are an abomination in the eyes of the Christian god.

    You are a Sodomite. You do know what happened to them, right?
  10. What you posted was irrelevant to my questions.
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