Easiest way to make a slideshow?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Math_Wiz, Mar 25, 2009.

  1. I'd like to take screenshots of some of my trades ("the charts as they happen"), save them in a folder as .jpg images, and then use some freeware program to quickly view all the images in the folder in a slideshow format on my PC. Which slideshow program do you guys recommend?

    I'd like to be able to use keys to go quickly backward and forward during the slideshow.

    I'm not interested in posting the slideshow on the web. I just want to view it on my PC.

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    +-*/ Math_Wiz
  2. wink will take screenshots at predefined times (or everytime you press a keystroke).

    then you can just use windows slideshow of the folder to left/right through them as you suggest.

    you can also have it make a flash movie of them which you can jump back forth in, pause, etc.

    google 'wink' to find this... it's made by a company called debugmode.

    it's free software.
  3. Thanks. I think that will do the trick!

    +-*/ Math_Wiz