Easiest Stocks for New Traders!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by El Cazador, Jul 16, 2001.

  1. Starting out trading can be very consfusing. I think new traders need to follow 1 or 2 stocks for a month or so before adding any others to their basket. Just my opinion.

    The reason for this thread is to put in ONE LOCATION stocks which, in the opinion of others , are good stocks for new traders to start on.

    I did Ford Motors (F) for several weeks and found that Ford was easy to scalp for small amounts a couple times a day.

    Would anyone add a stock that they have had an easy time with?
  2. QQQ
  3. dozu888


    HGSI.. this baby is trendy.

    PDLI also, but a bit wider in spreads.
  4. Do you think biotechs are easy for new traders? I would have skipped Ford, WY and CMH if I'd known.
  5. dozu888


    Just my personal experience.. I tried NYSE trading during the period when IB had stop order problems, I traded liquid names with daily volume of 2m shares+, and I use break outs from low volatility pockets. Had some success (or luck?) in the first few days then it turns out I lose too much in slippage comparing to the profit potential, because NYSE stuff only moves 2pts a day, while the Naz babes moves 4-5. (more complicated in order executions though on the naz).

    And among the naz sexy babes, the bios are generally more trendy then semi/optics/networsk/software etc.
  6. Babak


    avoid anything that has large tails (in candlestick chart) this is a sign of a volatile and whippy stock. A good example is INTC, CSCO, QQQ.

    Look for simple and clean candle charts, like NVLS, VRSN, etc.

    Just one trader's opinion!
  7. Trade DIS. I am seriously contemplating giving up most other trading but DIS. It is just too easy.
  8. Yea, those tails piss me off so much, they are so good at shaking you out.
  9. By tails, I meant long candlestick tails on intraday charts of NAS some favorites. Sorry if I was unclear.
  10. hey, praet, could you generally describe your technique on DIS, if not it's cool.
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