Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan Happening Now

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    How many retail shorts must be getting stopped out of yen, it's loving the highs. Think it's large repatriation flows, happened after last quake
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    Condolences to the people affected. Ganbare, Japan.
  4. Entire US west coast on tsunami warning. This is some serious sh!t.
  5. Any casualties/human deaths?
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    31 casualties, the final number will be a lot bigger.
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    I was on the golf course once in Japan and felt an earthquake under me. It was so surreal, as if time had stopped. The earth was just rolling around, it felt like it was going to open up and I would just disappear down some big crack. The broker who had taken me to the golf course was this big tough guy, hard drinking, aggressive type - but that was the first moment he looked vulnerable, the fear in his eyes...we were these insignificant ants on the planet...

    When I got back home in Tokyo, I read that it was only a 4 or 5 magnitude and epicentre was quite far away, it kinda disappointed me, I thought I had lived through something major!

    You can only imagine how scary it must be to be caught up in a big one...and Japan has been waiting for a big one for a long long time.

    My wife's relatives are in Tokyo, but fortunately they seem ok, though they have to walk back through Tokyo because the subway is out of action.
  8. Perhaps because it happened in Japan, the most earthquake/tsunami prepared nation, the damage(casualties) is limited. Just tweetered with a friend in Tokyo. she's stuck in subway train underneath. she quoted " everyone is napping". Best of luck to those affected by the quake.
  9. I watched a documentary not long was saying the ground underneath is extremely coiled up.......from Canada down to South America along the coastline. once it my my. Thx god I'm living in the eastcoast.
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