Earthquake 7.4 Magnitude hits Japan

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  1. Officials say Thursday's quake was a 7.4-magnitude and hit 25 miles (40 kilometers) under the water and off the coast of Miyagi prefecture. The quake that preceded last month's tsunami was a 9.0-magnitude.

    Buildings as far away as Tokyo shook for about a minute.
  2. That and its ramifications mean NOTHING to the market so long as the "BS Bernanke money-pump/inflation/$USD destruction" is flowing.
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    Two of them actually, unless USGS data is wrong, still early.
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    You are correct sir!!!!!

    You ARE CORRECT....

    it doesnt mean anything is right, we could have 20 earthquakes in 3 days, as long as Bubble ben bernanke is pumping the system with worthless dollars there is absolutely NO WORRIES!!!!
  5. God is reading this thread.
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  7. Revised to 7.1.
    Those poor people. I can't imagine how scared they must be, dead/missing loved ones, aside from being w/out food, housing, gas, electricity....
  8. Japan knows that their land is high-risk Earthquake zone. Why did Japan establish one of the biggest countries in high risk earthquake zone? Are they trying to defeat/conquer Mother Nature? They will be punished.

    Earthquakes are created by God for destruction. Are they trying to defeat destruction?
  9. Market loves it, but in reality were not dealing with a true market, were dealing with a central bank controlled market.

    The central bank now has control thru the primary dealers, so when congress try to eliminate the central banks they will crash the stock market.

    What the dumb congers doesn't realize is that 70% of the population exited the stock market either by force...needing liquidity due to job loss, or because they have seen enough over the past decade.

    The ones who will be hurt when the central bank trys to crash the markets are the wealthy.

    If Ron Paul even look like he will be elected, mark my words the central banks has a lot of inventory and will dump it to scare everyone.

  10. like they care...........god knows seafood industries(worldwide) will suffer greatly for the next decade or so. Many are questioning as to why no one is stopping japan from dumping radioactive water into the pacific, and as to why Japan is allowed to conceal all info......I'm thinking there's a conspiracy spiraling.....
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