Earth versus Humans

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  1. I was watching Romney's acceptance speech. I thought he was doing pretty well until he promised he would do what's good for humans as opposed to doing what is good for the earth.

    Sounds kind of short term to me. I trust the earth more than I trust some politician in Washington.

    Do what's good for the earth and all good things will follow.
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    Yeah, that would have gone over really well. Where do you start, China? People are hurting. They need the government to do what is right for America and it's people first. The planet will be just fine. There are enough 'save the planet' types already. Besides, it's not just one or the other as liberals would have you believe.
  3. Stupid stance , the earth evidently got along just fine without us (if you believe the scientific community) for billions of years , I think it will survive a 2 term Romney Administration as well.
  4. you're kind of all over the place, but I agree, I'm all for expoliting the planet in times of need, but for a longer term philosphy, I go back to the teaching that it is probably not a good idea to kill the goose that lays the golden egg just because you are hungry.

    It is a delicate balance, and it probably is not in our DNA because in times past humans were definitely the underdog compared to resources, so it is now a learned process.

    For instance, the Comanches who are our ancestors when it comes to part of this land never had to worry about killing too many buffalo.
  5. Well, if you have to qualify the billions of years, then I guess the 2 term Romney nonsense is just as crazy. However, he may actually win, and if he does, he will surely, surely be a one termer. Especially if he tries to institute all the extreme teabagger craziness.

    And, as I've stated, I respect many of your posts. Why the need to qualify the facts about how long the earth has been around? A little weird, IMO.
  6. no doubt, I aint worried about the earth, but I am worried about humans that need a small part of the earth to survive.
  7. Exactly. The earth will survive, but will it sustain life as we know it? A car can survive, but will it work properly if we never change the oil or tune it up?
  8. Humans are part of earth: every atom of a farting human is from earth(dust) and will return to earth(dust). A human is insignficant, and is just a temporarily medium through which earth does its living. Think about it more.
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    The air will become toxic for liberals soon and they should begin leaving the planet immediately! The rest of us will just suffer through. :D
  10. Of course, our time on Earth is limited, granted. But, we can certainly do some harm, right? Hiroshima maybe? Chernobyl maybe? Three Mile Island? We can and do harm to the Earth. Much more than any animal species ever has. Nature, God, whatever you believe in cannot reverse some of these things, right?
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