Earth to Republican party

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  1. Ronald Reagan is DEAD! He ain't coming back, and he wasn't all that to begin with. Like Obama, he had the good fortune to follow a total fuck up.
    More importantly, people want to look forward. We're not interested in some RNC "Way Back" machine. If the plan is to reincarnate Ronnie Rayguns, ya'll will be wandering in the wilderness for quite some time. STOP TALKING ABOUT REAGAN!
    One more thing, lose the token black guy. He ain't gettin' it and it's a little...obvious, if ya' know what I mean.
  2. Here's the deal. Republicans stop talking about Reagan. Democrats stop talking about Bush.
  3. Keep talking about Mr. Bedtime for Bonzo...

    It has been over 2 decades since Reagan withered away from the scene. A whole new generation has come, and they don't know who the old fart was, nor do they give a shit about what the nutball republikans feel about some old dead dude...

    Yes, please, continue talking about Reagan...

  4. Finally, something that we can BOTH AGREE on!

    But this is just a reflection of how desperate the GOP is these days. And Ron "Baby Baby Baby" Steele isn't the guy that's gonna be effective at leading his party out of the crapper, anytime soon.
  5. Government Still Is The Problem.

    This will become more evident when Obama triples its size.

  6. What is wrong with a qualified black republican candidate. If the democuckoos can trot out Barack (my top advisor is weatherman underground terrorist) Obama, anybody has a chance.
  7. I agree. Rarely do Captain Obvious and me not share the same take but if anything I see an anti-government revolt as the next wave of sentiment among white voters. Brown folks are on the perma-dole.

    The media can only abet big government for so long through lies, distortion and ignorance. For example a critical component in falling home prices via delinquencies are property taxes. I looked up the taxes on the Mc Mansion across the street from me. $62,000 a year! So while assholes in the media and Beltway concentrate on how "Obama tax rates will be no worse than Reagan's" the people aren't stupid. They see their property taxes through the roof along with added sales tax levies and everything else. Not to mention as people sit jobless or with their 401k's cut in half there's becoming zero sympathy for lard ass public employees getting their COLA raises and 75% pensions. Once the "sins" of the private banking sector are forgotten-in two years or so-the onus will be right back on big government run amuck. And while the Obama deficits can be spun presently as "bailing out the Bush years" that argument will get little traction by the time 2012 rolls around. The U.K is usually ahead of the political curve in the States by a year or two. What do the prospects for Labour look like? Zero, eh? NO ONE anticipated the Tories back in power! My guess is we're going to see MASSIVE political volatility with both parties moving in and out of favor like yo-yo's.
  8. Absolutely nothing. So be sure to let us know when you find him or her.
  9. Here in Canada, property taxes are a municipal thing. Is it different in the US?
  10. Same here. But end of day people look at government as government. And when folks compute their total tax liability it's becoming less pretty.
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