Earth invasion headquarters

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  1. All that underground government construction aired on FRONTLINE and all the missing billions or is it trillions combined with the 2012 thing gives even me pause.
  2. Looked thru those stories and there wasn't anything that had the same elongated shape as this recent sighting. What of any link between the govt constructions underground and its purpose?
  3. If you follow Richard Hoagland as I have over the years, it is well known that NASA/Defense Dept has two operations in place.....the one the public is "presented" and the other one which is fully DARK (trailer home lab on mars).

    With ruins on the moon and mars, the worlds space race was more of a "public" presentation on one side and "secret" ops intel gathering on the other. Why do you think the Vatican rents the Hubble? Their not looking for Jesus.......LOL! Eventually what has been discovered on the moon and mars will get out to the world......just a matter of when.

    Great read BTW.........

    Also, DON"T FORGET these two numbers.....there HYPERDIMENSIONAL!!!



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    What if some old-school wealthy person decided to do his own space exploration on the sly and is years ahead of NASA and all those public sector guys?? What if he is free to try anything that might show promise and can hire the best and the brightest to explore all methods of power generation for flight?

    What if Bearice is colonizing Mars even as we speak?
  5. Bearice does have the most powerful political connections in the world. With that kind of power, Bearice could colonize Mars in the span of 3 years using 12 rockets that each have engines that blast 500,000 sq/ft of pressure when ignited.