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  1. I've had two so far...a cheap one that was too tight on my head (and I've got a small head:p) then a single earpiece that won't stay on my ear...it keeps falling off. Any suggestions where I could find a comfortable headphone or earpiece that would fit well but not give me a headache?Thanks
    oh and I'm willing to spend $100-200 if its really good
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  3. Nice webside Nkhoi...thanks The i-pod ear peice didn't fit. I liked the look of the altec one. I'll check them out. Thanks oh and I forgot I need the mic as well. For talking and hearing headsets is what I need.
  4. I got a cheap one from amazon. It works great and has both a ear piece and head clamp. I forget the name but it was <$30.
  5. AAA If you think of the name let me know..I did look on amazon ...was it Plantronics or Logitech by any chance? (either jar the memory?) thanks
  6. I believe it was GN Netcom. I looked all over Amazon and thi sis the closest thing I could find. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0..._43/104-7749454-3806323?ie=UTF8&s=electronics

    This is not the one I got, but it is similar. Mine only cost $29, plus shipping. I think plantronics has a similar unit. I almost got this one. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0..._53/104-7749454-3806323?ie=UTF8&s=electronics

    I got the GN because it was a lot cheaper and had good reviews. They must have run out of them.
  7. thanks I appreciate your taking the time to research. However the one you showed me looks like it only works with telephones? The Plantronics didn't have very good reviews. I'll look around for the for the GN netcom...thanks again