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  1. Thus far, we have:

    79% of those companies having reported BEAT estimates.

    10% met estimates.

    11% missed estimates.
  2. Its interesting how the market fails to make new highs on the indices as companies are blowing out earnings.

    As rates will go up.. it will be very hard for them to beat these numbers next year.

    This quarter and probably next qaurter will be blow outs.. its pary time just like 2000.

  3. $27.07 last . . .


  4. $27.40 last now . . .

    Keep selling Trend Fader!!!

    :D :D :D
  5. I am building another big short in the IWM at 118ish. I would like to avg. my cost in the 119$ range on the IWM.

  6. Oh, and let me guess . . .

    A big short position for you is 250 shares???

  7. Wags, definitely a nice quarter. However, unless they surprise everyone with a special dividend announcement on the call (as opposed to sometime after July as they've previously indicated), I'd wager this pop is easily faded. In fact, I'm thinking of shorting here against the long calls I've regrettably owned for awhile.
  8. U should work for CNBC and pump penny stocks for them.

    ES a whopping a 2 points after blowout earnings.

    I remember when u were pumping AA.. that was a great sell signal.

  9. You remind me of the Oakland Faders

    All talk and hype, and no meat.
    You don't even trade, so why do you care???

  10. Mecro


    The earnings may be fake but who cares.

    What a great day today. Just like January.

    The specialists were on a rampage but there were so many opportunities that it did not matter.
    S&P is in a very key area right now. I think it is gonna be churn and burn tomorrow for all you ES traders.

    Trend Fader, you are way too overconfident in your short. Not worth risking a big position.
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