Earnings Season Is About To Raise The Curtin

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  1. The wizard is about to be shown;

    IMHO- this earingins season we are gona see Profit Margins that are far tighter, lowering most Profit Margins across sectors. We are gona see very low inventory, which shows capital spending isn't happ'n at the levels many pundits say. And forward guidence will be lowered across sectors.

    All in All this is be sobering earnings season but the "Pundits" will focuse on the companies meeting or slightly beating the lowered, very low bar, of estimates.
  2. That's usually enough to send the markets into an upside frenzy in a manipulated psycho world.
  3. When does this earnings season start?
  4. Today/tonight with Alcoa. Light reportings the rest of this week, heavier next.
  5. Eemurr (EMR be shoat for Elmer?), once agin yew be bareassin' we Tessicans. I be glads ta gift yew spellin' lessuns enny tahm. "Curtin?" Puleeze! Evvaboddy know is spell "curten!"
  6. I'd say next earnings season is when shit will hit the fan.

    This one will probably be mixed with a slight upside skew.
  7. My models are showing the exact opposite. I expect earnings to blow out estimates, on the whole, by double-digit % median on the S&P.
  8. This EMRGLOBAL guy isn't even logical I seriously question his whole story about having "clients" etc.

    The strong US economic numbers for three months and the way many corporations are addressing things lately ( eg m&a ) suggests earnings will be very strong this quarter. Technology seems strong and my guess is the banks will register strong trading revenues late in 2010.
  9. Agree, "blue-chip" tech is going to plow the road.
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    He has a huge PE business. Just like he was one of the biggest traders at Schonfeld.
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