Earnings Reports dates?

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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if it's possible to download a list of upcoming earnings reports dates for all US stocks? (I know I can get individual ones from EarningsWhispers, but I'd much prefer something I can use in a spreadsheet.) Thanks in advance.
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  3. Yeh I looked at finviz - I can export data if I pay $25 per month. Nothing free (or at least cheaper) out there?
  4. did you checkout barchart, or Nasdaq?
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    There are free APIs to download earnings report dates through IB if you have the right news subscription packages. Personally, I just run a program to scrape the earnings date off a site like this:

  6. Also, in my experience (2-3 years ago), Finviz EPS dates were not nearly as accurate as Wall St. Horizons, which now I guess Briefing uses as their source.
  7. Thanks for that - never heard of barchart, but a quick look and it seems like it might do the job, though I'll still have to copy and paste data one day at a time into a spreadsheet. Still hoping to find a downloadable list out there somewhere...
  8. If you go to google finance you can have google finance place the dates you are interested in into the google calendar. The calendar itself can be exported to excel and you can work from there. Obviously this means you need to input which of the stocks you are interested in but that is a one off exercise.
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