Earnings Plays on Momo Stocks

Discussion in 'Trading' started by hbiawos, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. hbiawos


    Look at the biggest dollar gainers on the Naz and one in particular on the NYSE today (except for ISRG. What was that? A short squeeze?):

    FSLR: Up $9.74 (earnings tomorrow)
    MA: Up $10.59 (earnings Wed.) (huge short interest)
    RTP: Up $11.62 (earnings Thurs.)
    FWLT: Up $5.27 (earnings Aug. 8)
    SPW: Up $6.02 (earnings Wed.)
    GRMN Up $$5.17 (earnings Wed.)

    Caught MA today and will be looking for continuation tomorrow. I like FWLT going forward, and FLR (earnings 8/7).

    RTP calls thinly traded, wide spread, good play if you buy on a pullback and/or limit order.

    ISRG went from $200 to over $216 today on no news that I'm aware of. Wish I'd caught that one---will be looking for follow-through or a short-term short/pullback. (Are they about to announce a split?)

    Depending on VLO's earnings tomorrow, possible follow-through on TSO, up $2.42 today with earings 8/7.

    Thoughts and/or additions welcome.