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  1. I started this thread for all the earnings play lovers. Usually when I play earnings, I buy or sell a few days (up to a week) before the earnings report, and close the position just before the earnings. Every once in a while I carry my trade through the earnings. Just like what happened with RIMM today, which was sweet.

    I am considering buying GOOG calls on any pullback in the comings days and close the position before the report.

    Does anyone else have any earnings play on mind?

    How about shorting MER? What do you think of that.
  2. I recommend buying OTM (2-3 strikes OTM) October calls on October 18 which is the day of earnings. Last day of trading Oct options is the 19th.

    Big bucks to be made with that play.
  3. Why do you think so?
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    Closing a position prior to the goog report is probably a good bet. For the last year, they crush the estimates every q, and the stock still pullback afterwards. This month, they've already moved up 80points (on no news), which I think will lead to all the bandwagon fans jumping off once they find out there's no more buyers left after the report.
  5. EXACTLY!! The last two quarters I got burnt carrying my longs over earnings. Thats why this time I want to close the position before earnings.

    Anyways, is GOOG all we are going to talk about ?

    Come on guys, there are lots of earnings opportunities out there. Share your ideas.
  6. SBUX is getting ready for an explosive move upward. I got Jan 30 calls for an easy 5 banger.
  7. I am long the APVKLs (Apple 160 Nov calls) at 9.50. They report on Oct 22 after the bell.

    I panicked and sold the calls that I had a few days prior to their earnings report last time, due to AT&T saying that they sold less iphones than some expected, of course once AAPL earnings came out the stock shot up. I made good money on the trade but missed out on a lot more, by selling prematurely.

    It will be interesting to see how much the stock runs up prior to earnings this time. I think the stock will do well... provided they do not have some press conference to announce they are dropping the price of the iphone again.
  8. I've got a bad vibe on many future announcements on earnings. Sectors like steel have me thinking- I may bail out of a whole bunch of stuff and see what happens. I would 1/2 my usual earnings play stuff~ stoney
  9. What do you think of Posco. They report on the 16th.
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    Apple should trade up before earnings Many people miss the boat with RIMM now there aiming for aapl to have a similar run. I'v been In RIMM before earnings - I'm setting up for the next best thing in newer tech High beta stock such as aapl to do the same...
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