Earnings Growth BS

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. gnome


    They keep talking about "number of consecutive quarters of >10% earnings growth".

    I call BULLSH*T!

    Over the last 3 quarters, the average GAAP earnings growth of SP500 is 4.67%, quarter over quarter.

    That's a fine number, but it ain't >10%!
  2. Yeah, > 10% is a stretch. Who is publishing that number?
  3. gnome


    I haven't seen it published at all. It's just the constant drone on CNBS.
  4. In case you haven't figured it out by now the 10% is year versus previous year comparisons...not quarter to quarter.
  5. Yes, S&P 500 earnings will be up > 10% Q2 2005 to Q2 2006. The few press releases i scanned were silent about the comparative periods they used, leaving people the chance to draw their own conclusions.
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