Earnings for this quarter low balled yet again!!!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by S2007S, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Found this reading through an article yesterday and just had to post it because as I say every single quarter all these analysts are just setting the bar so low that earnings are beating nearly 80% of time. Even this guy mentions it, and I agree 10000% with what he is saying!!!! Pretty fucking sad game they have to play to make you think earnings are coming in well above the norm!!!

    "Corporate America has been playing the same game now for at least 10 quarters in a row. They set the bar where a three-year-old could get over it, then Wall Street dutifully follows the guidance and they beat every quarter. Until it stops happening, my guess is everybody's' numbers are too low," said Steve Massocca, Wedbush Securities managing director.
  2. Many companies had record earnings in 2010. That should be your focus not on projected earnings. Plus the fact many large caps are sitting on a boatload of cash which any way you slice it is of value to investors.
  3. If you believe the analysts are consistently wrong, then why are you still listening?
  4. Wall Street doesn't care about earnings anymore.
    Market is going into greater fool mode once again.