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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Free Thinker, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. i am looking for a service that will send me an email or alert me a few hours before a company is to report earnings. does anybody have any they use and like?
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    I dont know if they will email you or if somehow they can alert u ( havent tried )...but briefing.com has a great earnings calendar....
  3. bump. still looking. i cant believe there isnt a service out there that will send you an email to alert you of pending earnings releases.
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    There is such a service. You can look at the yahoo finance calendar of earning release and see which companies are suppose to release their earnings that day or any day in the calendar. It tells you whether it will be after the hours or before the hours or even during the hours.
  5. i know about those but i want a service that will send you an alert for a list of stocks within a few hours of the earnings release.
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    Vhen, out of curiosity could you explain why is is that a look at an earnings calendar beforehand doesn't suffice? with earnings calendars you have current estimates, and past quarter comparisons. this allows me to prepare. by getting info a few hours before hand are you looking to trade patterns (set-ups)?
  7. there are too many stocks to follow that way. if i got an email a few hours before the close i could quickly pull up a chart and possibily take or close a position depending on how the stock acted into the close on the earnings day.
    these guys used to do it but recently stopped. http://www.fulldisclosure.com/highlight.asp?client=cb
  8. vhen, I believe there are several websites that will send you ALL news for the companies of your choices (maybe CBSMKTW ) .
    I for one would like to know the EXACT TIME of the release and the conference call for each company. Is it 4pm, 4:15pm or 4:30pm? this is not always reported by Briefing.com
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    Maybe you should consider starting one.
    Charge a small fee throw in a few banner ads and bada bing bada boom - a new source of income. Just a thought.:)
  10. On stocks that I am interested in, I will go to the companies web site and look under Investor Relations...They usually will have the exact time of the release, link to listen to conference etc...
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