Earning est's dn from march yet stocks up 40%?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jnorty, Jul 18, 2009.

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    This has to be the greatest con job wall street has ever pulled off. Earnings est's from dow 6400 are higher than est's with dow near 9000.i looked at the 90 day ests on 30 or so bellweather stocks. So the bar is so low everyone easily beats and wall street yells green shoots the bull is back. yet when all look closely the est's never rose as stocks skied and rev's are actually worse than the lowest low ball est's. in conculsion stocks have higher valutations now than the height of the bull mkt. bravo wall street.
  2. Hummmmm

    Yes, I think you have something here.

    That and the fact that unemployment actually rose to 629,000 last week.

    They seasonally adjust the numbers by deducting 100,000 or so from the numbers in July because autoworkers are usually furloughed this time of year while the plants are retooled.

    But this year the plants were retooled during GM's Bankruptsy and the autoworkers that are going to be called back are already back, so the seasonal adjustment is wrong. Those 100,000 thousand folks that the model assumes will be going back to work in a few weeks are actually unemployed with no end in sight.
  3. The lower earnings had already been priced in.

    Hah!!! ROFLMAO - such horsesh!t. Green shoots! Sorry - I just couldn't resist writing that first line!

    I agree with what you are saying...which I understand to be, "How can prices be going up, when forecasts for future growth are lower than they were at a time when prices were lower!"

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    Cost cuts are making earnings look good.
  5. Would you agree that cost cuts can only go so far and that they are "usually" a one time event?

  6. One time charges are also making some sectors look good like banks for example. Citi selling smith barney.