Earning Bet for 5% gain!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. qll


    This is for earning bets.
    I have been betting earning jumps and day trading trends after jumps for months now. With great results. 90% are profitable. Many are 5-10% gain overnight.

    Take a look at CNBC contests, winnners win for 2 things, beaten up stocks like FMT, NEW, or earning plays. How can they be so sure which stocks will jump on earnings?

    Just follow my picks, you will see the results yourself.
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    GPC and SGP, get in at current price to bet for a 5% jump after earning release. Use 50% money on each.

    some other stocks you can consider, but i don't prefer are BOT AVCI NOK VIVO
  3. Div_Arb


    Are you buying these stocks with the $300,000 in credit you borrowed??
  4. qll


    i am borrowing $500k now. diversification+stoploss+frequent_trading=no fear for debt.

    my US account is $400k net, up from $100k net 1.5 years ago. Mainly trading undervalued/lowprice/microcap/ and earnings.
    Solid successful %. Not 100%, but around 90%. Many of my picks are up 50-300% within 6 months.

    Search TRT, ACY, LNX, CBRX, PAE, AWX on elitrader. I was the only one rec'ding those stocks here.
  5. qll


    04/18/2007 Bought 2000 SGP @ 28.45 -56,905.00 -$332,427.81
    04/18/2007 Bought 500 GPC @ 49.86 -24,935.00 -$357,362.81
    04/18/2007 Bought 600 GPC @ 49.869 -29,926.40 -$387,289.21
  6. why not use options with your strategy instead? dial down your downside risk.
  7. What happened with CCk? I thought that was also an easy 5-10 % in two days?

    That stock was promptly down 5 % today after earnings missed their estimates by 60 percent, 10 cents/share (actual) vs. 16 cents/share (estimate).

    This is after you insinuated that you had inside info that they were going to beat estimates.

    If you are going to state something like this, you should be sure that the information you are stating is absolutely without a doubt correct and coming from a credible source.

    Just posting this as a "buyer beware", because you are posting all the stocks you have picked correctly, but leaving out the ones which lose 5 % plus in a single day. And this can be extremely misleading and detrimental to this investor community.
  8. vjay


    you posted on
    04-10-07 11:43 AM in another forum

    "In 2006, I have turned 100K to 266K, I was using about 200K 0% balance transfer from credit cards.

    In 2007's first 3 and half month, I have turned 266K to 360K, using about 300K 7% margin.

    Do you think this is a good trading record and good enough to raise some capital?

    P.S, I also have two other accounts trading futures and Chinese stocks. All are profitable."

    It's pretty hard to follow your different posts in different forums' but what I would like to know is where you are getting 200K to 500K 0% loans.

    I wouldn't mind some extra trading capital

  9. He's in China. Apparently, in China, you can get 200k-500k of loans with 0% interest rate.

    By next month, he will post saying that he just took out 900k loan at 0% interest rate.:D
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    i never made good money on options. too pricy for me.
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