Earn a 62% return on your money between now and March betting on Dean

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Dec 4, 2003.

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    That's right. I think it's in the bag. Dean is going to get the nomination. You can make your investment on tradesports right now and earn a 62% return on your money in just 4 months. Not bad. What do you guys think?
  2. Step ahead of ya. I've been Long Dean on tradesports for months now.
  3. me thinks yer right on.
    Good bet for now that is:)
  4. A 32% lead in N.H. over "favorite son" Kerry, union support abandoning presumptive Iowa fave Gephardt for the Gov., and the most commited base this side of Reverand Al, sure makes Dean look like a lock to me.

    That assumes of course that the party power brokers, fearing a McGovernite debacle and having failed in their first attempt to thwart Howie with the feckless General Clark, choose not to anoint Queen Hillary four years early.
  5. Anybody see the movie "Head Of State"

    The Dems should draft Chris Rock. He's a far more attractive candidate than the other clowns they've got running. I'd vote for Chris Rock before I'd ever vote for Dean or Dubya.

    The movie actually follows Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) as he becomes a candidate for President and all through the race. Mays starts out just working for the Democratic Party in Washington D.C., but when the original nominee is killed in a plane crash, the Party leaders decide to nominate someone who can't possibly win the election but could win minority support for the Party: a working class black man with low level political experience. Naturally, nobody tells Mays this and he believes that he actually has a chance. It takes a little time for Mays to get his bearings, but he begins to run his campaign his way (meaning: in a decidedly urban and ethnic manner). Mays is a down to earth, honest man, who is more at ease talking with the men working at a fundraiser than he is with a Union Boss.
  6. Never saw the movie.

    Sounds a little bit like "Putney Swope".

    Putney says: "The Borman Six Girl Is Got To Have Soul"

    An all time classic movie that should be required to be seen in college sociology courses, American history courses, film making courses, creative writing courses, and of course "Black history" courses, comedy and drama courses, and probably statistics courses. And definitely in ethics courses. Of course, this is only my Humble Opinion:)

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    so which one are you, wiggle or ptpigeon?

    Looks to be wiggle. But look at the company you're in. Yikes!
  8. another rock and yet the same critter crawling from under it.:D
    Different alias same shit.:eek: How do you manage all these handles/passwords?:confused:

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    Bob thinks the Democrats are going to run Hillary.
    But we both think she does not have a snowball's
    chance in hell against Bush.
    My money is on the incumbent because
    statistically it works out that way.

    Personally, I think she is a jack ass because she
    did not divorce that lowlife husband of her's.
  10. Did you take the trade, Mav?
    You called it at 60, last trade was 70.

    17% return in one week.
    #10     Dec 11, 2003