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    Interesting comparison with the early 90's. May not take into account derivative and off balance sheet risk. So may be understating institutional risk
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    Very useful. Thank you.
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    Isn't he, the author, the same guy who went on CNBC back in March, right after the BSC bailout, proclaiming that banking sector had bottomed?
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    He has buy ratings on 65% of the financials the covers also.
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    Great post. I've been short & long puts on CORS since Q4 2007 just on a subjective assessment of their loan portfolio, so nice to see some hard data to back up my view.

    I think I'll have to add a few other bank shares at the top of the lists. Maybe go long the ones at the bottom, short the ones at the top, as a nice long/short value play perhaps?
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    That would be correct. On March 20, 2008 he stated that the financial crisis was over and now was the time to buy banks. CNBC mentioned it every fifteen minutes that day and even took their deception to a new level by claiming "a long term bear had finally turned bullish" when that was not in fact the case.

    Analyst Says the Time Is Now to Buy Citi Shares
    October 6, 2006, 7:33 am

    Shares of Citigroup and rivals slipped on Thursday, a day after the blue-chip banking giant’s shares broke above $51 for the first time in more than two years and helped lift the benchmark sector index to a multiyear high.

    Analyst Dick Bove from Punk Ziegel said the rise in Citigroup’s stock was due to Wednesday’s speech by Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke that he said the market interpreted as suggesting an interest-rate cut is in the works.

    Mr. Bove “strongly urged” buying the bank’s stock, saying that if the Fed were to cut rates, Citigroup would be the largest beneficiary of such a move.