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  1. yes,that's right ,i will retire in 7 years with 1,280,000$
    1 year 10,000-20,000
    2 year 20,000-40,000
    3 year 40,000-80,000
    4 year 80,000-160,000
    5 year 160,000-320,000
    6 year 320,000-640,000
    7 year 640,000-1,280,000$
    the trades will be done on collective2 ,so everyone who would like to retire with me,please join:)
  2. ok,system is set up and trades opened
    sell gbp/usd 1 mini
    sell eur /usd 1 mini
    sell eur/gbp 1 mini
  3. You're back!

    What is the name of your system on C2?
  4. early retirement:p
  5. ok ,i am down on gbp and eur,that's okei,there's solution
    average down,let's make money
    i am sure eur and gbp will tank
  6. sim03


    Great idea. Averaging down losers has always worked for you before:


    And just this Thursday:


    That's your margin call number, what, 4 in the last few months? Maybe you should change the name of your latest system from "early retirement" to "Gym CEO" ("get your margin calls, early & often").

  7. Well as long as you've got enough money to support Eur/Usd up to 1.49 or maybe 1.50, and Eur/Gbp to 80p without being liquidated then you have a chance but that's one crap novice way to trade!

    Risk:reward is skewed, leverage is too high, you've got positions in the same market, and trading without a stop is a mugs game in forex. When you're wrong just accept it, take a small loss and move on to the next trade. You're jammed up now, all your equity is needed to maintain and add to losing trades, even the interest is negative!

    You may get away with it this time but you'll get buried one day by averaging losers, you know what they say, when you find yourself in a hole the first thing to do is stop digging!

    >>>>> [​IMG] <<<<<
  8. sim03


    NOT "[will] get buried one day..."

    The self-admitted "mentally sick" mr double DID get buried - as in blew up - 3 (three) separate times already within the last 7 months, along with hundreds of his subscribers, by doing exactly what he is doing now. Only the system name is different. See my post above yours or look up "positive forex" system on C2.

    By continuing to post on ET in this vein, mr double proves that his "digging yourself deeper" disease reflects not just the very essence of his trading (for lack of a better word), but apparently his core personality, psyche as well.
  9. I've just looked at C2, oh my God, he's selling this crap?!?!!?

    The guy needs a government wealth warning slapped on his forehead.

    Statements like "i am sure eur and gbp will tank", with a strategy that doesn't use stops, kinda says it all. He can't even use the excuse he's a novice as it looks like he's been trading a while.

    I really can't understand how people fall for this stuff, maybe I should give it a shot for $45 a month!

    Here's the first month free (at least these trades are yield positive!):

    Buy Gbp/Jpy
    Buy Eur/Jpy
    Buy Aud/Jpy

    No stops, just keep adding every 100 pips down and take profit when (if!) there is any. If the account starts to run short of cash just top it up with a credit card (preferably someone else's) or use the kids milk money.

    100% profitable trades, no losers, guaranteed.

    Trade like a pro! Use the same techniques that banks and financial institutions use! Be a winner! Retire wealthy!

    Don't forget, No Pain No Gain, so when the pain of unrealized losses gets too much just pop another couple of prozac and hang in there!

    Paypal payments to scams'r'us
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    when in trouble, double
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