early releases of BLS statistics

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  1. Is this true??


    The Carolina Journal, published by the Raleigh-based John Locke Foundation (for which I’ve given paid speeches on occasion) reports that staffers in North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue’s office have been getting advance word on monthly unemployment statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is highly illegal under federal law and violates what I have understood to be a strong tradition in the BLS and other government statistics that no one—no one at all, not even in the White House—gets advanced word ahead of the public announcement of government statistics.
  2. I take a different approach to any news of this sort (especially after the past decade or so of lawlessness). If I read a story about anybody following the rules, doing things the honest way, or (gasp) actually prosecuting white collar crime, I do a doubletake.

    I'm completely conditioned to expect that everybody is cheating, that there are far more fraudulent operations than honest and that just about anyone in this rat race will fuck someone over to grab that last nickel on the floor.

    The time to be alarmed with the stuff mentioned in the article was a long time ago. That's really small potatoes compared to the massive frauds going on these days.
  3. 1) I mean, come on, these people are from North Carolina. Do they really "know" what to do with the information they receive? :D
    2) With a name like "Perdue", you'd think she'd be more interested in the Cattle On Feed and the quarterly Hog & Pig report data. :eek: