Early morning 6E traders

Discussion in 'Forex' started by klrcart, Apr 13, 2010.

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    I've been following 6E for the past couple of months and it seems to be a good instrument to trade early morning for a 9-5'er. Getting up at about 6am (EST) or so there should be a decent trade or two most days. I was hoping to hear from anyone that trades this market before the US is open. Is the early morning volatility that I've been seeing recently representative of the way this instrument normally trades?
  2. 3am - 7am is good time to trade this.

  3. new chart, 15 days - actual 10 days of data via NinjaTrader
    add Volume indicator and you'll see when the highest volume of trades
    goes through, tho that info doesn't necessarily indicate the 'best' trading
    opportunites - see attached chart

    i believe the similar daily high volume times are when the 'europeans' have
    finished their trading day - bankers' hours - and leave for the day - 8am pst -
    4pm UK
    ime a lot of moves - but certainly not all - begin with the opening of the
    'european' session, also applies to the ES