Early Earnings

Discussion in 'Options' started by Options_Noob, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Google was apparently supposed to release their earnings numbers after the bell on Thursday and they gave no reason as to why the released early. How do you guys handle situations like this?

    You take your chances I guess. Google shares have been halted.

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  3. I was slightly bearish and had a limit put diagonal order OCT4 750P/OCT 745P @ 4.10. GOOG was @ ~752, and order mid was 4.25-4.35.

    I got beeped that the order filled. I quickly looked at the GOOG price, expecting it would be near 755, but it was down to 730! I didn't know if this was an artifact or not. Anyway, fortunate fill, although profit would be small and also if trade doesn't get canceled.