Early Canadian election results looking like a Possible Conservative Majority.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, May 2, 2011.

  1. Hello


    Early Canadian election results looking like a Conservative Majority. LOL at Ignatieff and the Liberals.

    Could the conservatives pull it off?
  2. achilles28


    Possibly. 34 more ridings undecided. Conservatives 13 ridings away from a majority.
  3. achilles28


    I hope the conservatives get another minority. Deadlocked parliament is the best possible outcome.

    I voted libertarian. Wrote it in on the ballot. Elections Canada blacked out the spaces inbetween listed candidates to discourage it. Let's see what happens.

    Conservatives at 148 now.

    24 ridings still to report.

    155 is the magic number
  4. achilles28


    Conservatives at 153 now. Looks like a majority Government.
  5. Hello


    Ignatieff and the liberals must feel pretty fucking stuid right now, Ignatieff called for the election and promptly got his ass handed to him. :D

    Also nice to see the bloc get their ass handed to them. The bloc simply has far to much power when they always haver enough votes to swing a minority government. Canada has run up far too much debt handing shit out to quebec because of the blocs power.
  6. achilles28


    Indeed. It's heartening to see the bloq destroyed. I support the right of self-determination, but rather have a united canada. seems quebecors have come to their senses.
  7. Hello


    CTV just called it for a conservative majority.

    Ignatieff is the best thing that ever happened to the Conservative party. :D
  8. Lucrum


    Gabfly is probably on his knees hugging his toilet about now.
  9. Hello


    LOL, this has to be the worst thing i have ever seen happen to the liberals, in Canada, not only did the conservatives win a majority, but the liberal party got decimated they lost over half their seats. :D

    Definately not a good day to be a liberal in Canada. :D
  10. Oh baby! Conservative majority. Canada has spoken!
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