Eagles Redux

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Turok, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. Turok


    This must chap Randy and Bernie's ass. Turns out the "new" songs aren't so new after all -- but rather 35yrs old.


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  2. That's what's so sad . . . the band was so much better with them. Even though I liked Hotel California and The Long Run, I never liked Joe Walsh's contributions. They were the weak links.
  3. what's point of this thread.. to poke fun @great classic rock band.

    get a life turok! :mad:
  4. Turok


    There's no greater Eagles fan in the country than me dude. I've stood in line for sooo long and spent sooo much money on tickets that you wouldn't believe - they're the best, period.

    Just thought it was funny that the "how long" single from the new album was IMO the one tune with a true 'Eagles' ring to it and that one single turns out to have been written (and performed) in time for their first album, not their last.

    Oh, and BTW. FU. No one forced you to read (or post) to this thread.

  5. i believe..

    you got a screw loose somewhere :confused: