each market low-bernanke comes in

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  1. everytime the market made a new low ,bernanke has come in and saved the day. this was followed by very strong rallies which eventually evaporated after a few weeks that resulted in new lows. we definitely have more upside,markets usually do after a strong rally such as today so i will play it as such. however,we will get hit again and make another low. nothing has changed.
  2. Yes, I noticed this.
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    I think he is defending 20% off the peak of the dow, which would be an official bear market. He probably feels we have enough other problems without having to contend with a bear market on top of everything else. As it stands, we just have a "correction".
  4. Thats why he is the FED
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    huh?Actually every time he speaks the market has tanked hard...last week is a great example.The market then rallys off the bernanke low.
  6. Don't fight the Fed, as simple as that.
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    "Don't fight the Fed, as simple as that."

    the market has tanked hard after every rate cut since august.
  8. Perhaps more accurately "the banks will always win" i.e realpolitik dictates that the banks will get what they want because even a non captive Fed can't allow the banking system to fail or even allow runs on any one institution e.g first cut coincided with CFC run.
  9. what happens when things to big to fail fail?
  10. Er, Citibank might be a case study for that.
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