EA for trading on news. Good for part time traders.

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Andy4Rum, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. Andy4Rum


    Hi all,

    I want to share nice tool that allow you to make Pips on news. Sure, it's a bit risky always, but anyway, this is the only way for me as part time trader... Pretty fast grow with short time efforts.

    It works simple, set the date/time and comment (if needed). Than few minutes before news 2 lines appears and follow the price on exact distance. Few seconds before news - these lines converts to buy/sell stop orders. Short SL and high TP increase the success rate.

    Try it out or ignore, just wanted to share it... because searched for such tool for a quite long time.
  2. Andy4Rum


    hey all,

    by the way, do you know any good news source services? I mean free ones, of course. My broker gives some data, but I use popular web service... find it not ideal... to avoid adverticement, I'd be glad to get some answers directly.

    PS: there are some news tomorrow with possible high impact - good chance to try news tool.
  3. pipeguy


    Zerohedge, RanSquawk, the former is paid though. But if you're ready to make an investment in proper trading I would suggest to pay for bloomberg terminal Best what I've tried.
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  4. icallgod


    fxstreet is a free service. I monitor the news with that website as I trade with Forexchief broke. Funny enough, if I make a trade decision few seconds after a news on their side, it usually turns out positive.
  5. pipeguy


    the name of your broker sounds like a classic bucketshop I'd stay away from it.
  6. Overnight


    Have you tried Reuters' Eikon terminal? How did it compare? It is way cheeper, and from what I have read is just as functional.
  7. pipeguy


    Hey thanks for suggestion but no, I didn't tried Reuters product. Just describe my experience it doesn't pretend to be must choice
  8. Esha.J


    Is anybody tried the EA? Does it work? I want to see more opinion on this EA.
  9. ZBZB


    You can get a Reuters eikon terminal rebadged as www.metstock.com xenith for $99 a month for FX.
  10. Andy4Rum


    I use it once a week, because it needs good fluctuations... Made some Pips on Friday, EURUSD did well for me... nice drop.
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