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  1. geraldmun


    Hi!I am newbie to American equity market and would like to have a try in some time. I have just contacted the E-Trade about the details and procedures of opening an account with them.
    The problem is that there is no demo account for their Power Etrade platform for equities unless my account is openned.

    Could anyone using their platform kindly give me some comments or suggestion on them?

    Many thanks!:confused:
  2. geraldmun


    :) thanks! I will check the results and other sources .
    To tell the truth, originally I planned to open some account with
    GNI but to my surprise no response at all from their side made
    me uncomfortable after my email inquiry.( One of the reasons I
    considered GNI is Man fianancial won the bid for the takeover of

    To choose a good firm seems not easy at least for newcomers like me ,specially following the Refco case.
  3. ETRADE does not take responsibility to money taken from your account even though it was not under your consent. I would stay away from etrade if it was hard earned money.