E*Trade Surges in Furious Buying

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    so what.
  2. It's not a mystery, it's short covering.
  3. So what? Did you think you were logged into your Cabbage Patch dolls site? This is a stock trading site, the post is about trading activity in a stock. What part of that don't you understand?
  4. its no mystery at all. tard rocks.

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  5. Head fake?

    "E*Trade Financial (ETFC Quote) was among the worst decliners in the financial sector Wednesday, while several bank stocks were pressured by a ratings downgrade from Standard & Poor's.

    E*Trade said it is raising $1.2 billion through the sale of common stock and a "significant" debt exchange as part of the brokerage firm's plans to raise capital.

    The company plans to raise $400 million through a common stock offer and exchange more than $1 billion in outstanding debt to help strengthen its capital structure. The proceeds from the offering will provide additional equity capital. E*Trade will also offer to exchange more than $1 billion of new zero-coupon convertible debt for all of its 8% senior notes due 2011 and part of its 12.5% springing lien notes due 2017.

    Citadel Investments, E*Trade's largest shareholder, will participate in both the stock offer and debt exchange. The hedge fund agreed to purchase either $50 million or $100 million of stock, depending on the public offering price, and will convert $800 million of the company's long-term debt, E*Trade said. Shares tumbled 11.5% to $1.46. "

  6. Citadel and Ken Griffith will like this kind of volatility...:)
  7. not to change subject , but ETFC is a total piece of crap for serious professional trading.
  8. Ken should just change the business model and engage some ET professionals...:D