E*Trade Question - Ticket "Fees"

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  1. I'm going through a 2008 IRS audit and as a result printed out all of my confirms and have been piling through them.

    I see a "Fee" charged above my "net amount".

    Usually its #shs x price = cost... then subtract comish and you have basis.

    This "fee" only appears to be on sales, not purchases and E*Trade tells me that its an "ECN Fee" when my orders were routed "auto" (market orders through their internal crossing engines).

    The order never saw the light of day... I don't have ECN passthroughs on my account...

    Can anyone tell me what this "Fee" is for? Its pennies per ticket and does not tie out to any ECN or SEC fee so I am curious.
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    I don't know what the fee was then but the fee currently is $19.20 per million dollars but only on the sell side.

  4. Most likely the fees are the NYSE and FINRA regulatory fees.

    At IB the NYSE fee is 0.00042 times the commission and the FINRA fee is 0.00046 times the commission.