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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by vvtrader, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. vvtrader


    I am currently looking for a firm, and I looking into E*TRADE PROFESSIONAL. I tried to email mail them many times but no reply. Do anyone knows how much they charge per ticket? And also how their service!? Thank you.
  2. GSCO


    you will have better luck going through one of their prop groups. E trade professional has horrible customer service if you are just one trader... lightspeed is the best software i've ever used

  3. E-trade's pitch:
    "We are out of the ordinary, so we can help investors (and traders) become (extraordinarilly screwed)."
  4. E*Trade is a shit company. Worst customer service and worst fill prices in the industry. Stay away.
  5. Ebo


    Since you opened two threads, for some unknown reason, you will now get TWICE the number of responses telling you to avoid e*terd.
  6. vvtrader


    sorry guys I opened two threads by accident. I guess I got my answer. But how about Cyber trader, IB, or Genesis!? I need a firm which they do not have min charge, cause I do alot of scaling in and out 100 shares as I build and get out of my position.