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  1. Is E-Trade still running a prop division ???
  2. i've been with e*trade pro for a year. i'm retail, but we do have a prop division.
  3. I heard a RUMOUR from two different sources today that they have closed thieir entire NY operation and were slowly closing the whole thing. Can anyone confirm or refute this?
  4. GSCO


    They moved head office to atlanta.

    I like how you put 'rumour' in capitals.
  5. there ny operation was open today believe they made some senior management changes though
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    Does anybody trade retail on 57th Street or is it all Prop?
  7. johnny gunn is right etrade is changing the whole structure. i had just negotiated new rates with my guy 2 weeks ago and he's beens stalling me no really responding to my emails. so i called and confronted him this am and he said yes the whole things changing. he said each office will now be independently owned and no longer owned by etrade. i guess if each office isn't interested they'll shut it down. he said that they have to form and llc and to make any money one has to come under them and no doubt they'll charge higher commissions. this sucks as i had jsut negotiated a good commission and felt safe withe trade
  8. GSCO,

    I am not sure if you are being facetious about the caps, but it seems to me that emphasis on 'rumour' which it was, and is, until I know it as fact is the appropriate thing to do.

    Thank you for the info. Is Steve Ehrlich still involved?
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    I was looking around for a better deal and found etrade prop division gave horrible deals. I think any profitable day traders should look elsewhere.
  10. LOL LOL LOL......sub LLC's... great idea!!!! E Trade Pro is DONE!!!!!
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