E-Trade Commercial .. Uhm.. You judge

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by youcankma, Oct 31, 2010.

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    I'm mainly just pointing this out to stir up some shit cause I noticed it while watching tv today ..and I'm bored ..

    E-Trade Power Pro commercial shows clips of their software in action and on one screen I guess they decided to use fake company tickers .. And apparently this is all they could come up with.


    First ETrade takes on Lindsay Lohan .. now this .. tsk tsk.. I think someone needs new advertisers.

    (Unedited, just capped from one of their commercials)
  2. Those are real tickers from the Uranus Exchange

    no hft scum to keep the spreads tight
  3. youcankma


    You realize I was pointing out the fact that some dumbass decided to use "KKK" as a ticker when they had plenty of other unused combinations to choose from, right?
  4. 1) It's a commercial, who cares? Only those w/ WAY TOO MUCH TIME could possibly notice that.

    2) Using real tickers could probably result in some greedy lawyers wanting a cut of the action, so why bother.

    3) Who watches commercials anyways? DVR it, fast forward and done.
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    NFC why my posts won't come up, so one last try. I could care less about the fake tickers .. the point is that whoever made the fake screen used KKK as one of them .. really no point in doing that and just retarded not to use something other than the abbreviation for the Ku Klux Klan
  6. Nice arb opportunity on that KKK :)
  7. no, and I don't think much of that particular gaff.