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  1. My e-Signal is currently running about 5 seconds behind. Anyone else have this problem this morning?
  2. Make that about 15 seconds delay on the last thrust down on the ES.
  3. That has been an on and off problem with Esignal for years. Its why I stopped using them (I was a customer for about a decade).

    I use DTN now. Much better data, but not as extensive for international mkts.

  4. Guys.... MY bad.... problem fixed on my end. I had a slight issue with Ensign (my charting package) which was throwing off my data.

    Once again, this was NOT an issue with e-Signal. My apologies.
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    Thanks very much for following-up with that clarification. We had no other reports of latency so I was about to give you some troubleshooting tips to consider. This eSignal KnowledgeBase article is full of possible causes for slow data.

    Thanks again.
  6. No problem Scott. I am not a big fan of someone sitting anonymously behind their monitor and ripping away at other posters, firms, etc.

    The problem was clearly on my end, so I thought the right thing to do was clear things up, even if I do look stupid in the process. Once again, my apologies.
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    Actually, eSignal running well lately. Keep it up!
  8. same here... no-problems for a long time....
  9. I trade the ES from the beginning, years ago. I never had any delay with my Esignal. I check every trade with the realtime quotes from my broker. I never see a noticeable difference between the two.
    I live in Europe and have the impression it is a typical american problem. If it really irritates you, you might consider moving to Europe.

    Now that i think of it, it might be possible that my broker has the same lag as Esignal. In that case i will never know if the realtime quotes are realtime or delayed.

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    E-signal Support:
    Could someone address the issue e-signal is having with the ICE products? Any time there is a surge in activity, quotes for Brent and WTI lag for a minimum of 30 seconds to a minute. This is always the case.
    BTW- the lag is noticed compared to the prices comming from TT.
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