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  1. Hiya,

    I'm using the latest version, and have found a couple of niggling things.

    In backtesting, if you use the ES you need to put in 50 contracts and then sort out the charges pertrade etc. instead of it recognising that eash contract is $50...

    If you are using a tick chart say 50tick bars or 150tick bars, the line drawing tools don't operate and charts using bars measured in ticks, and they don't want to work on say 30 second bars only.

    Irritating little things... Are they going to be fixed at any time soon?

    Also, some much better info and resource for code writing in Java would be a help along with proper reference material for it and the reference material for writing in C++ would be a good idea too. Why have something programable and then leave people looking for a needle in a haystack before they can do anything with it???

    Just a few gripes which I hope will be fixed in future releases...

    On the whole pretty happy so far in spite of these things (that's after 3 weeks of using it)...

  2. Natalie,

    Have you tried Tradestation? I've used it for years, but every few months I tell myself I'm going to try e-signal (but never do!).

    VEry happy w/ TS, but have heard many people say that e-signal is "split-seconds" faster than TS. I don't know.

    ... just curious if you can make a comparison (if you've used TS before)

  3. Hi Dog,

    No - I've not tried it yet, but when I get a new PC (alongside this one) I intend to get TS in as well. I'm planning on runing the 2 side by side along with other stuff we're developing 'inhouse'.

    I still need to sort out a few bandwidth problems too... (BT co-operating that is)

  4. for a reference on the language just to go here:

  5. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi Natalie,

    Thank you for your comments. We are aware of the issues you have brought up & are working towards improvements.

    We do have limited information regarding efs at the following link; http://www.esignalcentral.com/training/esignal/default.asp. We plan on adding more documentation over the next month that will help in coding formulas. We've also recently hired into our Customer Service branch an efs Specialist, so don't hesitate to email us with any questions that you have.

    2002 has seen a vast improvement to our software as I'm sure users with us prior to version 7.0 can attest. In just this past year we've not only added the Advanced Charts, but we also added efs Formula engine, Back testing, Broker integration, eSignal Central, 18+ European exchanges, Single Stock Futures, Mix & Match real-time / delayed data, etc.

    In 2003, beginning with the release of version 7.2 in mid/late January, will see additions to include; Super Montage, Direct sourcing of our European Data including expansion of historical data, Tick Volume bars, improved drawing tools, Replay / Training Mode, etc.

    We think you'll find that if eSignal doesn't have it, it's in the works!

    To all, have a Happy New Years and be safe!!!

    Andy S.
    eSignal Support
  6. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the reply. It's good to hear there is more on the way.

    To be honest, I only considered getting e-signal once the more recent developements were in place to serve my needs.

    As to source material. A glossary would be helpful, also some guidance on C++ (which I'm led to believe from your website is possible). I havn't as yet found anything that is even remotely helpful for that.

    We have a number of things we would like to dvelope, but would be much better served using C++ instead of Java, but we can not find any way of sourcing the relvent things we need or any clue's of where to start.

    Thank you again for the positive response.


  7. Access to the data feed. I use a C++ app for charting and trading which I wrote myself. I would like to use eSignal for the data, but it isn't currently possible because of your stance on not allowing non-corporate 3rd parties access to the SDK. DDE is not enough as I need to get historical bar data.

    So if anyone at eSignal is reading this, please put pressure where pressure is needed to make this happen. :) Until this happens, I won't use eSignal. (What a threat, eh?)

    You can even release it with no direct tech support assuming it has relatively decent documentation.
  8. Huios


    Will the drawing tools (ie line bar) be able to be used on the tick charts in the Jan release???
  9. ZBEAR


    Re: TradeStation vs eSignal:

    Last month I moved to eSignal from Tradestation - I am much happier with eSignal. However - my needs are KISS basic - good drawing tools etc.. If you have "Language" needs - I don't know and can't compare the two.

    I have complaints with eSignal - yes - but not many, and all in all its a better choice for me.

    Do you ever see TradeStation here on ET helping people and responding to problems ? ( maybe they are but I haven't seen them ).

    TradeStation cannot even LINK charts to a quote window - SURE,,, they're gonna gonna gonna - I'll believe it when I see it !

    eSignal sells their Advanced GET program for $160 month - I don't see the value in it - not when you can get ENSIGN for $40 a month. Maybe I'm missing something - so if anyone can ease my ignorance - please feel free.

    Also I find Tech Help at eSignal to be generally, of a notch higher quality than at TradeStation.

    And if you are thinking about using TradeStation for a Broker - well it's not bad - but it's not great either. However they are working on a new platform and that could improve it.

    eSig 4 me.........Happy New Year Folks
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