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  1. I called customer service and the guy was absolutely clueless, as usual. I've been reading about futures data lag in fast markets on the Yahoo board they set up but this is the first time I've experienced it firsthand. I think from now on I'll hold off on my praise of them until this shit gets resolved. :mad:
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  2. Ditch


    Problem is that you can't always rely on IB's quotes as well. I've noticed some lag in fast markets on occasions as well.
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  3. cas


    I had serious lag here as well....IB data was way ahead of e-signal

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  4. alain


    back in june or july you said that you will have the direct Eurex data by September or October of this year.

    - just a remark
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  5. That note was for the ES/NQ as well as the estx? What's the holdup????
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  6. Funster


    Has anyone else got charged an "admin" fee of $3 on top of the $60 this month for the cme?

    Pretty rich considering their slow quote problems recently!
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  7. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    It would be very helpful if those that are experiencing high CPU and/or freezing problems, would contribute their experiences on eSignal Central.


    We are not seeing lags in our US datastream but some customers, using 7.1( build 500 ) are experiencing problems on the desktop, which could "look" like a delayed datastream issue.

    We've made a # of changes recently that may help CPU load quite a bit. Early tests have been very positive in most cases. It's unlikley that any single issue will resolve the entire CPU performance issue, since so many factors are at work ( ISP connection, PC specs, operating system, what symbols are being followed, what studies are being used, etc. ).

    Since there's been a rash of people reporting this problem recently (while many others report no problems), we are focussing all of our energies on the eSignal application and ways we can enhance and optimize it's processing power. We think we're getting very close to some significant improvement.

    By tomorrow, we should have a new beta version of 7.2 ready, inlcuding some of the aforementioned CPU use enhancements. Aside from joining eSignal Central, if you are willing to beta test the newest version, plesae e-mail us at beta@esignal.com and we'll notify you when the release is ready.

    One more note on eSignal Central. It's built on top of the same bulletin board application as Elite Trader, so if you like the functionality and format of Elite, you should find eSignal Central pretty comfortable to use as well.

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  8. Ditch


    Just deny the problem... then you don't have to solve. Well, for your information, mr. Scott, I'm not using 7.1, i'm just using the datafeed into Ensign Windows and still experiencing datalag. But you're probably blaming this on Ensign. Thanks for the "support".
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  9. I see a lot of people blaming the advanced charts/EFS scripts, indicators, etc. Well I'm using standard charts alongside the advanced ones and seeing it as well. The only indicator is price and a simple MA. Also, the classic busy period of the market, from the open until about 10-10:15 or so you can't get data for any chart that wasn't "pre-loaded" before the open. "Receiving . . ." and "No Data" is all I get in the status indicator.

    This has been an ongoing problem and hasn't yet been corrected. I don't want to hear about my computer setup, layouts or bandwidth. It is an esignal problem, plain and simple. It needs to be addressed, not "we're working on it for the next release." I've heard that tune since 6.2. How many next releases will there be before this is rectified?

    And the reason some clients may not notice the lag like we had yesterday? They may not have a secondary quote source to compare it to. If your candle charts are running 20 seconds behind you'll never know it unless you're comparing it to another feed. Think about it.

    PLEASE - be straight with your paying clients. Yesterday's fiasco was not something I want to go through again. I had exited 5 ES contracts too early because I didn't have an eff'en clue where the real prices were.
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  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    That's a great example of why we need to hear directly from customers experiencing problem(s). Your original post was about Euro Futures. I posted a reply on that subject earlier. I don't recall you mentioning you were running Ensign. It would be helpful to know what version of the Turbofeed Data Manager you are using. ( click on Data Manager, choose Help, then About ).

    Are you seeing a lag in US issues as well? Is Ensign "freezing" and/or topping out at 100% CPU use? Or is the app working fine but the data seems slow?

    We are certainly not denying a problem or problems exist. On the contrary, we are out soliciting help from customers to track it down.

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