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  1. Shankar


    For me it looks like esignal becomes a new Trade Station (which is not a compliment). They put all their money into marketing and are not going for quality. A little bit of data, a little bit of indicators, soon they will buy a broker.
    Last time I looked at CQG it had their own programming language just like esignal, but please don't call this backtesting. :D
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  2. Yeah, I agree - good fucking job.

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  3. coops



    check out www.ird.com

    not available to US customers someone mentioned.... otherwise has volume for ESTX.

    #13     Nov 13, 2002
  4. Ninja


    So there is someone out there who feels like me about Amex?

    I was a customer of them twice in my life and cancelled both times, because I felt they had the utterly worst customer service in the whole industry. I have never, in my whole life, come across with more incompetent people united at one place (apart of public authorities)
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  5. Ditch


    I was customer with AE for 3 months, that was enough. Have a look at www.amexsux.com:)
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  6. ES / NQ was lagging IB's datafeed by a good 20-25 seconds just as they popped on the Iraqi news.

    What's up all of a sudden?
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  7. Ditch


    You guys can stop the cheerleading now.
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  8. This is the first time I've had that; man alive, thank God I was looking at IB's data. There was about a 6-point difference at one point. On 5 contracts that could have been costly

    Anyone from eSig can explain this?? Changing tick servers didn't fix the problem :mad:
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  9. this lag is getting to be really REALLY annoying...

    this AM, from 10:48-10:57 was horrendous...
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  10. Ditch


    Missed 10 pts, beacuse of this bullshit, exited at 1008, thought better make sure to lock in some profits. But it's a rel PITA if tou don't know waht the current quote is. They probably are getting it from a third party vendor.:p
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