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    Quotes on the estx-50 are lagging more than 5 pts and 20/30 sec . in the rally this afternoon. I've had it with this crap. I'm switching to CQG. The profits I missed because of this would have paid for the fee easily.
  2. Are you serious? That is pathetic. I thought eSignal was top notch.
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    The only thing that is (almost) top-notch about e-signal are their fees and the way, they brag about themselves. they remind me very much of american express, which, i think has the worst customer service in the world.
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    But US stock and futures quotes are OK?

    The Eurex thing I was told will be resolved in January when they get their own direct feed. It is not always behind though - only in fast markets I understand.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

  6. Will this new ESignal have realtime volume data for European Futures contracts?

    The reason I ask is because I would like to be able to construct tick charts from the feed.
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    eSignal Support eSignal

    I don't believe it will be ready on day 1 but adding volume is a part of our plan in migrating to direct feeds. We will also be able to eventually support spreads, contracts that expire on a given day or term and Future Options.

    By taking these feeds directly, we'll have much more control over both the performance of the feed and our content.

  8. gotta hand it to you guys so far.......good fucking job....you guys steamroll over realtick
  9. Indeed . . . and at half the fuckin' price, too.
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