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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tallpaw, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. tallpaw


    Anyone out there getting big discrepancies on the ES futures on the bid & ask price between E-Signal & X-Trader during the past 15 minutes since the Fed announcement ?? Which one is correct and how in the world are you suppose to trade not knowing which one is correct ?????:confused:
  2. tallpaw


    Normally during non hectic hours (not extreme volatility) E-Signal & X-Trader are exactly the same bid & ask prices. :confused:
  3. Sanjuro


    I noticed Esignal was lagging IB by about 3-4 secs during the drop after the rate pause.
  4. X Trader defacto standard, believe unless an exchange issue. E signal has been shown to have some issues as reported.
  5. AFAIK it's a well-known issue that Esignal is more accurate, ie. gives almost all data instead of IB that gives only 3/sec snapshots. Because of that Esignal has coping problems when something happens in the markets, and IB doesn't.

    Maybe one could gauge the market panic by measuring the lag in seconds between IB and Esignal :)


  6. DTN.IQ feed for my INV RT charts was right on par with XTrader today (not surprised Esignal may have lagged a tad.....so far I do not miss Esignal).
  7. mgarc


    I use FFastfill and Esignal.

    Esignal was actually providing me the right quotes, while FFastfill was heavily lagging.
  8. Esignal sucks, pure and simple! I switched away from it back in February b/c there were constant problems w/ the data feed and the tech support could and would not fix it. Esignal is just data whrere as X-trader is an actual order execution platform, hence it does not surprise me that it's accurate one.

    My $0.02