E-Signal vs Ninja trader charts- what candle is correct ???

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    Gentlemen or Ladies: I have a question. I use E-Signal and a fellow trader uses Ninja trader charts with a Zen-fire feed. Looking at the 1 minute chart on the Sep 09 ES contract we have a difference and even though it is small, I would like to know what everybody is showing or where I can go (CME) to find out the correct prices of a particular 1 minute candle. Today 6-23-2009 at 12:06 p.m. EST on E-Signal, I get the following candlestick ... Open 889.75 High 890.25 Low 889.50 Close 889.75 ... which ended up being a doji candle. My fellow trader on Ninja trader charts has the exact same open.high,low but his closing price was 889.50 which ended up being a red down candle. Does anybody know where the actual candle open,high,low & close (OHLC) values could be found? Does the CME keep track of 1 minute candle prices somewhere?? And could anybody who reads this post reply with what Charting system they are using and what there OHLC values were at 12:06 p.m. EST. For the most part both E-Signal & Ninja charts are the same but we are trying to figure out which one is correct. Thanks for any reply posts !!
  2. That also depends on the feeds you're using behind each.
  3. Be sure that both are loading (or not) timestamp using local computer clock
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    Using a desktop atomic clock that resets itself every hour and using the ESignal feed and Ninja using Zenfire. Anybody else out there that can give me the specific OHLC values at 12:06 and what charting system you are using ? Cazza & Damon, what values are you showing on that candle and what system do you use?? Thanks
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    ninjatrader 12:06 est bar (12:07 bar on chart) - zenfire feed
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    iqfeed DTN

    Open: 889.75
    High: 890.25
    Low: 889.50
    Close: 889.50
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