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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by TonySanDiego, Dec 9, 2002.

  1. Hey guys, if I wanted unreliable charts I would have stayed with Qcharts.

    EVERY MORNING the daily charts (and sometimes the intraday charts) WON'T COME UP..!

    The little green box says receiving data, then says OK, but the chart is BLANK.

    When I finally did get some candles on the daily today, data from 10/31 to today was MISSING.

    Is your success outrunning your ability to provide the data ???

    This is UNACCEPTABLE !!!

    What gives?

  2. Funster


    I sometimes get that. Just Press the green OK on the chart while holding the "CTRL" key to reload.

    On a slightly different note now that I have upgraded to the BETA 7.2 version there is NO NOTICEABLE IMPROVEMENT in Emini ticks being missed in a fast market on an advanced chart.

    Also advanced chart links don't work properly in the Beta version I have found.

  3. slow/weak/bad charting capacity is one reason i do not use e-signal. hopefully, they get the message.


  4. I get this daily and have since the beginning, over a year ago. From the opening bell until about 45 minutes afterwards all daily charts remain blank.

    Either the staus bar says "Receiving . . ." or "No Data".

    I'd like an answer from esignal as to when this obvious bandwidth issue will be resolved. It makes esignal unusable for those of us who scan charts at the open as opposed to just sitting on a few symbols at a time.

    My annual contract is up soon and if it doesn't get resolved by then I'll probably switch back to RT
  5. I have been trying out esignal for a month now. All I can say is good thing I did not cancel my Realtick account. There seems to be a lot of bugs and dropped data with esignal.
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    A guy of support will probably reply and post a link where you can report your complaint. After that nothing happens:confused:
  7. Ditch


    I'm using Ensign Windows, which REALLY is the only reason i still use e-signal.
  8. stu


    If it's of any use to anyone to know, I was put off esignal years ago because of the same problems related here.

    Part of their set up seems to be good but there are apparently the same issues on speed and reliability of data today as there were when I tried them. I have found other providers suit me better. I like fast clean reliable data as the priority. Everything else...... secondary. For some reason I don’t know why, I feel they are in the numbers game. So some new customers come some go, so long as they maintain enough for their purposes. That may be wrong it’s just my opinion. :)
  9. Same thing for me. I wish Ensign would cut a deal with realtick too.
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    I would like Ensign to start using IB data-feed. low-cost and the fastest around.:)
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